View the profiles of people named Gebru Asrat. Join Facebook to connect with Gebru Asrat and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Gebru Asrat. + Add or change photo on IMDbPro». Contribute to IMDb. Add a bio , trivia, and more. Update information for Gebru Asrat». prevail, and above all democracy would be the norm of Ethiopian society. Contrary to these assertions, Gebru. Asrat (hereafter referred to as Gebru), in his book.

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Call for TPLF to ban itself, the alternative is unsustainable, at…. So, as I see it, the succession process had no value other than weakening the party.

I highly doubt it gfbru corruption and maladministration are reflections of the internal democratic nature of the party first, and the rest of the country in general. However, as I said it before; the problem of the party is in its ideology not the personalities.

In Amahra region the organizers believe that the Wolkait issue has mobilized the public into one. I think you have to note two points.

Sovereignty and Democracy in Ethiopia: A Reflection on Gebru Asrat’s Book

In this chapter Gebru attempts to correct some of major ahistorical accounts about Eritrean Colonialism that the TPLF has portrayed over the years.

It is totally unacceptable and wrong.

The Rwandan road ended up benefiting the same victimizers and their gevru is still sitting on an explosive device waiting to ignite. He actually believes the Eritreans will allow TPLF Woyane to do to their country what they have been doing to Ethiopia the last twenty years. I think the author needs further reading on the literature that relates to international relations. The problem that I see in Ethiopia and Eritrea is that the two countries have never had the chance to undergo thorough, effective learning and reflective processes to appreciate what they have in common.

We still have 20 of our members imprisoned, including farmers. Since they had irreconcilable differences, federating Eritrea with Ethiopia was like mixing apples with oranges. What does that tell you about the next course of action? If you have noticed, the party has stopped citing progress in the political arena to justify its rule of the country.

I am sure the Honorable former Woyane politburo member, governor of Tigrai Kilil, has a lot of useful inside information to tell us, if he so wishes, yet he choose to weave a web of imaginary tales, self-serving stories, and deliberately vague memories to lead us to another dead end street.

The opposition forces are slowly realigning and focusing on the common enemy. Now, had we remained in the party, would these condition change?

Where do most of the Diaspora and those at home rely to get their news and information in is a good question. Ethiopian soldiers were used as sacrificial lambs to pierce the heavily fortified Eritrean position. In my view, such comments are humiliating the youth and public who are asking a legitimate question and demanding their rights.

The honorable Gebru Asrat and his politics

Given the fact that you were the President of Tigray Regional State, how was the issue back then and what do you think is the possible solution? Now Gebru is suggesting that there should a peaceful reconciliation between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

I agree with Gebru that federating Eritrea with Ethiopia in was a miscalculation by the United Nations. I doubt anyone envies the individuals dilemma. The rest of Ethiopia was dragged into this senseless war. asrrat

The gentlemen Medrek representatives spoke near our city. In this regard, it might miss its intention. So, since his passing away, where would you say this purported centre of gravity lies in the party?

Some of us had a genuine trust in the process of evaluation and I know of many party comrades who fell prey to this process.

Interview with Gebru Asrat, Former President of Tigray

So, the question is what they are calling the legacy of Meles Zenawi. This is also a party that believes that democracy is class-based and that it is deserved only by asrqt classes which are affiliated to the party. The principle might be arguable but the demarcation aerat Wolkait and other areas were conducted under this principle.

Though I agree with Gebru and as I have written widely on the subject, the present form of federal government in Ethiopia was designed in to accommodate different ethnic-based groups.

As the ratio of TPF-TPLF fighters was one to three or four, it was believed this tactic was the most efficient and likely to cause the least or no bloodshed.