11 Mar PDF | On Sep 1, , Roberto A. Valdeon and others published Translation and the Cronica del Peru: The Voices of Pedro Cieza de Leon. The First part of the Chronicle of Peru by Pedro Cieza de León is described by the Tags: Biblioteca Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, crónica, crónica de indias, Inca . The third part of Cieza de León’s Crónicas del Perú, which examined the discovery and conquest of Peru by the Spaniards, was considered by historians to be.

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The region which they call Collao appears to me to be the largest province in all Peru, and the most populous. Duke University Press,p. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The distance from this city of La Paz to the town of Plata, which is in the province of Charcas, is ninety leagues, a little more or less.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. But crpnica it must be got out by Indians, and as the country is too cold for Lekn, there are reasons enough why such great wealth is lost.

La crónica del Perú

The Indians call xronica animals llamas, and their shepherds llama-michec. He croniva this book in four parts, but only the first was published during his lifetime; the remaining sections were not published until the 19th and 20th centuries.

This description of the Collao is very accurate. Here were heaps of maize, dried potatoes, and other provisions, there great quantities of the best meat in the country. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The lake is about 80 miles long by 40 broad, being by far the largest in South America. After the interment the women and servants shaved their heads, put on their commonest clothing, and took no care of their persons.

When the drink is ready, and the sheep and lambs killed, they carry the corpse to the place where the 1. The males always remain on lofty heights, while the females come down into the plains to feed, and when the males see any one coming, they bleat like the neighing of a horse, to warn the females, and they gallop away with the females in front.

They have certain romances or songs in which they preserve the memory of their deeds, and prevent their being forgotten, although they cronics no letters. That officer took command of a brigantine at Callao, which had just arrived from Quilca, and sailed up the coast.

Several rivers of very good water flow near, and many cows, mares, and goats are bred on the estates of the Spaniards. It may be that they will also be found in parts that are still unknown.

Pizarro gained a complete victory, and of Centeno’s followers were killed. The relations of the deceased each con- tributed something, as well sheep, lambs, and maize, as other things, and, before they buried the corpse, they killed sheep, put the cooked meat into the rooms of their houses, and made much drink from the maize. The llama stands as high as a deer of Spain, but no animal does it resemble more than a camel without a hump, and a third part of the size.

In order to show more care for the dead they held annual festivals, when they brought animals and killed them near the tombs, also emptying many vases of liquor over the tombs, which completed this vain and foolish ceremony. To the east of their province are the forests of the Andes, to the west are the peaks of the snowy mountains, which descend on the other side to the South Sea.

Although Gonzalo Pizarro was then waging war against the viceroy, and the. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The part of the country in which Tia-huanaco is situated, was first conquered by Mayta Ccapac, the fourth Ynca.

Cronica del Peru by Pedro Cieza-de-León

Trivia About Cronica del Peru. They say that, before marriage, the women may go loosely, but that they are pedeo with death if they are guilty of infidelity after they have been delivered to husbands. See Prescott’s Peru, i, p. Of the sheep, huanacus, and vicunas, which they have in most parts of the mountains of Peru.

To ask other readers questions about Cronica del Peguplease sign up. Gonzalo Pizarro’s force barely amounted to infantry and 85 cavalry. I shall not go further in this my first part, except to say that dwl Indians subject to the town of Plata have the same customs as those of other parts. Gasca granted Gonzalo Pizarro’s valuable estates and mines in Charcas to Hinojosa. Of the founding of the city called of Our Lady of Peace, who was its founder, and of the road thence to the town of Plata.

Pedro Cieza de León – Wikipedia

Yet the city has remained in the valley deel Chuquiapu where, in former years, great quantities of gold were taken out of the 1. Cecilia Garavito rated it really liked it Nov 29, From the village of Tiahuuanaco the road leads to Yiaclia, a distance of seven leagues, leaving the villages called Cacay- avire, Caquinhora, Mallama, and others on the left hand ; but it seems to me of little use to name them all. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

He secretly worked the vein himself for some time, but eventually disclosed the secret to a native of Xauxa, who told his master, a Spianiard of Porco, named Villaroel, and the latter began to work the vein in April Tiahuanaco is not a very large village, but it is celebrated for the great edifices near it, which are certainly things worth seeing.

In this chapter I shall relate how this is. The people raise their crops on large islands in the lake, where they also keep their valuables, as being safer than in the villages along the roads.

A small river of excellent water flows near it. They have no other means of defending themselves, having no horns like a stag.

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